42. Wissenschaftliches Seminar, 27. März 2018

Vortrag von

  • Merv Gilbert (Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kanada)

The psychological health and safety of employees deserves the same attention as their physical health and safety. Failing to address has this has led to increases in disability and healthcare costs, accidents/incidents/injuries, grievances and litigation. Taking effective action to enhance psychological health and safety has been shown to improve workforce engagement, retention and productivity. Although the impacts will vary, this is true across the industrialized world.

Canada has taken a leadership role in addressing this issue in the development of a range of tools and resources to assist employers and employees to improve psychological health and safety in their workplaces. Chief amongst these is the 2013 launch of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (the Standard).

This 45 minute presentation by the developer of a psychosocial assessment tool, Guarding Minds@Work and the lead researcher in a three-year process evaluation of 40 Canadian organizations as they adopted the Standard will discuss:

  • The legal, societal and financial background to the implementation of the Standard
  • The nature and uptake of the Standard
  • Findings from the Case Study Research Project (barriers, facilitators and best practices for successful implementation)
  • Current and future initiatives in this domain.


apl. Prof. Dr. Martin Schütte

Wissenschaftlicher Leiter
Fachbereich 3 "Arbeit und Gesundheit"

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