Biomonitoring Information System

BAuA's Biomonitoring Information System has supported medical officers and other people working in the field of occupational safety with their research into information about hazardous substances and the suitable methods of measurement and analysis for many years.

The Biomonitoring Information System (available on our German Website) provides the following information regarding the data associated with a particular hazardous substance:

  • The test parameters of biological materials and their corresponding methods of measurement
  • Values for the assessment of biomonitoring results
  • Services for the external quality assurance of biomonitoring analyses

The key sources of information that have been included so far are available on our German website under "Aktualität und Datenquellen".

The data is continually supplemented; however, the variety of substances, sources and limitations to copyright for specific original sources make it highly likely that it will never be complete.

Did you notice any errors in the Biomonitoring Information System? Do you have any comments or suggestions? Then please make use of the contact information on this page.

Please note the terms of use for the Biomonitoring Information System on our German Website. We also recommend the linked publications on this page regarding the functionality of the data-base and the researchable information.


The biomonitoring information system 'Biomonitoring-Auskunftssystem' of the BAuA in 2015

Article 2016

(in German)

In occupational medicine the interpretation of biological monitoring results requires the knowledge of substance-specific guidance or limit values in force. Such values are adopted and published (i) by various expert committees and institutionsmostly on an irregular basis, (ii) in a variety of …

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