Appointing a Coordinator according to the Construction Site Ordinance

Coordinators pursuant to the Construction Site Ordinance are experts for safe working and cooperation on construction sites. Their tasks and the criteria regarding their suitability are specified by the the Rule for Occupational Safety and Health on Construction Sites RAB 30 Suitable Co-ordinator (Specification of Section 3 BaustellV) (Regel zum Arbeitsschutz auf Baustellen– RAB 30).

The tasks of the coordinator are described in detail in § 3 sections 2 and 3 of the Construction Site Ordinance.
The core competences of a coordinator include:

  • consulting the building contractor regarding the questions of occupational health and safety and health protection in the construction processes, procedures, and methods, as well as in the later use and maintenance of the building
  • the related organisation of an efficient communication, moderation, and cooperation.

A competent coordinator further has additional know-how, for example in the field of construction works scheduling, construction site facilities, inherited waste, waste management, fire control, and road safety regarding construction sites.

As a consequence, coordinators are capable of competently consulting and supporting the building contractor and the planners. With their help, the work can be planned prematurely in such a way that all processes are efficient and safe.

Building contractor selects suitable coordinator

The process of scheduling maintenance and service work also includes making decisive decisions regarding occupational health and safety and health protection, as well as regarding the costs for this work. The coordinators contribute to the future building being operated economically.

The building contractor must appoint one or more coordinators if employees of several employers are working on the construction site. The building contractor or a third-party possibly commissioned may assume the tasks of the coordinator, given the corresponding suitability. The building contractor must select carefully and verify the suitability of the coordinator regarding the coordination tasks and the requirements of the construction project. The tasks and authorities of a coordinator and his/her appointment itself should be agreed upon in writing between the parties involved. Clear contractual provisions, coordinated interfaces to other planning tasks, and efficient flows of information within the construction project are part of an efficient coordination.

The annual congress Bundeskoordinatorentag (Federal Day of Coordinators) is an event for further education and exchange of experience for coordinators.

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